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Contact us 561-654-6090 or [email protected]

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Web Support Retainer

Web Support Retainer
May 3, 2016 Stealth Creations Team
Stealth Creations - Web Support

Web Support Retainer

Overview & Goals

Congratulations. You launched a wicked new website. The functionality is top notch, the look and feel is sharp, the content is compelling, and your conversion rate would make the Hare Krishnas jealous.  We know it was a lot of work to get here but it’s not over yet. In fact, it’ll never be over if you truly want a return on your investment.  If you don’t monitor your site, measure performance, and improve it on a regular basis, your website will easily fall out of date, out of sync, and out of line with your business goals.

With a website maintenance retainer, we’ll ensure your shiny, happy, new website continues to perform well for you and your users. You’ll save money in the long term and protect your current investment by doing ongoing maintenance, testing, and iterative improvements. It means you won’t have to do a major ground-up redesign of your site because it will never fall out of date.

Scope of Service

Here’s what is included in your monthly retainer:

Phone and email-based technical support

Bug fixes and enhancements

Minor design and content updates

Training on WordPress and Mailchimp platforms

Updates to WordPress

We’ll communicate with your hosting provider if there are any issues

We’ll review your Google Analytics and send you a report each month with a list of recommendations

Note: We’ll provide up to 10 hours of service each month. If any requested changes will take more than the budgeted hours, we’ll provide a separate quote that will need to be paid on top of the retainer.

Stealth Creations Inc. offers a wide variety of services, such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, reputation management, Mobile App Design and Development for all platforms, web development, Video/Photography and selecting keywords for Good AdWords pay-per-click marketing campaigns that can provide excellent returns. We work together with brands to craft strategies along with a unique and innovative digital approach. We thrive on collaborating with clients who are looking to push the limits and think outside the box. The Internet is our passion. More specifically our passion is creating appealing, innovative websites and comprehensive and cost-effective Internet marketing solutions that set our clients' businesses above their competition.
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