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UX Design

UX Design
May 3, 2016 Stealth Creations Team
Stealth Creations - UX

UX - User Experience Design

Overview & Goals

User Experience (UX) is the sum total of how people experience your web product. It includes everything from content to design, from speed to functionality.

You currently have a fully functioning application, but the design is dated and many of your customers complain about it not being intuitive. We can help with that.

First we’ll dig deep and perform research to understand your users and their needs more clearly. We’ll analyze the data and present our findings. Then we’ll design wireframes and prototypes we  can test to be sure the new design works as expected and there are no usability issues.

We’ll be able to measure the effectiveness of the re-design when a) the prototypes pass user-tests with little to no usability issues and b) later on when the designs are implemented we expect to see a 10% increase in trial to paid conversion.

Please let me know if you have any questions as you review our proposal.

Scope of Services



We start the process by interviewing you and your team as a group and individually. Then we interview a handful of your existing customers and target users, providing incentive. It’s important at this stage that we ask the right questions and collect our data in an unbiased manner.


Once we have the user data we need to process and analyze it, attempting to uncover patterns and similarities.The output for the research is affinity diagrams, user personas and scenario documents, which we review internally as a team and then present our findings to you. This gives us direction to begin the desig


We start with simple sketches on paper to make sure the basic flow between page views works well. With some informal testing and after presenting our approach to you and making any needed corrections, we begin the high-fidelity design. Once again, we present designs for the major page views (10-15) and get your feedback on them.


When we have the major views designed, we create a static HTML prototype for testing purposes. The prototype is interactive and resembles what the finished product will look like, but is not fully functional.

User Testing

Testing is absolutely essential for your design to work. We invite 5 testers to our environment, sit them down in front of a computer and ask them to complete certain tasks. We record the test and review them all later, making note of similarities and patterns. We then present our findings to you with a list of recommended changes and make them to the designs.

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