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Shopify eCommerce

Shopify eCommerce
May 3, 2016 Stealth Creations Team
Stealth Creations - e-Commerce

Shopify eCommerce

Overview & Goals

Dear Clients,

So right now maybe you sell the coolest line of artisanal, sustainably-sourced chopsticks in the world. They’re so cool that they make every kind of food taste better, not just General Tao Chicken.The problem is that however awesome your chopsticks may be, you’ve got a static website that merely shows photos of your product line and requires customers to pick up the phone and place orders manually. PLACE ORDERS MANUALLY! This is not sustainable. It severely limits your potential for sales (do you have a 24-hour sales desk to service all global time-zones who are dying to buy your product, for example?) and it negatively affects your customer’s experience with your brand. You need an ecommerce store so your customers can easily buy from you directly, at any time, from anywhere, however they want. This is the only way to grow your business online.

Lucky for you (and 100,000 other retailers around the world) there’s Shopify?:  . Shopify is an awesome hosted ecommerce app that is empowering retailers large and small with their easy-use, easy-to-manage, customizable online store and secure checkout. Shopify gives you control over your look and feel and allows you to add products, manage your inventory, track sales and more. It’s hassle-free ecommerce, letting you focus on improving other parts of your business.

As both ecommerce and official Shopify experts?  , we focus on maximizing Shopify’s features to help drive your revenue and improve your customer experience. We’ll include powerful search and categorization so customers can easily and quickly find what they’re looking for. We utilize best practices so that product pages convert users to add items to their shopping cart and then, most importantly, we guide people down the conversion funnel to complete the checkout process. Part of this process includes conducting A/B test designs to lower cart abandonment.

We’ll start with the initial design phase of the project to develop the appropriate look and feel for your brand and design hierarchy for your user experience. Then, through a retainer contract that lets us test and tweak until your conversion is as good as possible, we aim to grow your monthly sales by 40% at the end of 6 months. Cha-CHING!

Scope of Services

Shopify Setup

First, we’ll meet with you to understand your business, your products, and your customers. Then we’ll set up your Shopify account, configure the basic features and help you select a payment gateway and merchant account that works best for you.


We’ll develop a site map that plans out all the pages of your ecommerce site and the product categories.


Good, compelling content for your products is essential. We can pull over your product descriptions from your existing site and create new content for landing pages.

Visual Design

We’ll develop a custom design for your ecommerce store that will enhance your brand and the customer experience (not to mention look AWESOME). We’ll present designs with two rounds of feedback before your final approval. We’ll also design it responsively so the site scales down on mobile devices, making it easy for people to buy regardless of what kind of device they’re using.


We know and understand the Shopify platform. They use a language called Liquid which enables us to pull dynamic information from Shopify and display it however we design. We’ll write the HTML/CSS and test it in a variety of browsers and devices.


Once you’ve tested the ecommerce area and are happy with its functionality, we’ll make the Shopify theme live on your website and point your domain over to the new site. Launch time!


Now that everything’s shiny, happy, and ready to roll, we put the power in your hands by training you on how to use Shopify.

Additional Recommendations

Web Support Retainer

We can be available on call to assist you with using your Shopify control panel, fix bugs, add design enhancements or anything else you need on a monthly basis so your site never falls out of date.

Advanced Analytics Setup

Your Shopify site already comes packed with analytics, both in Shopify and in Google Analytics. But to get the most powerful data, it takes a bit more work. We’ll configure your Google Analytics account so you can know where your highest converting traffic comes from.

Product Photography

We can arrange a photo shoot for your products. Professional photography has a major impact on users purchasing decisions.

Inbound Marketing

We are experts in online marketing. A retainer with us ensures that you are regularly publishing content, engaging prospective customers on social media, and otherwise driving people into your purchasing funnel. This is guaranteed to grow your sales.


If you find producing content is difficult, we have copywriters in-house who are training in writing for the web and in writing persuasive sales copy that will drive more conversions on your landing pages.

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